most recent update of the SR...

Hi all, this is on what I work since many month now, an updated version of the very good looking Andy's SR20 with lot of more customization and variant, you have now :

- SR16
- SR18
- SR20
- SR22
- SR23

you can now build FWD SR, you have to rotate the engine yourself for now but i will fix that in a future update

this is a first release so im still working on it and more part will come again in future, its not perfect but i hope you will like it

Credits :

- Andy Oliver for the photorealistic base mod
- Toretto cause I grouped some of his setup in this mod
- DowDow for a drag setup also grouped in this pack
- Ah Uea ( OwnzzGames ) for the Nismo intercooler
- Nightkids for amazing screenshot in the spoiler

and thanks to my friend Rambo for help on 3D stuff and EliasFD3S for his texture skill :)

if I forgot someone let me know :)

02/10/19 : Updated the link with more new part ( Filters, new cover, new turbo, water pump, NOS rail etc )
1.   Posted by hamburper   2019-09-22 18:04    

this is so hot

2.   Posted by polton   2019-09-23 03:46    


3.   Posted by Driftmonkey06370   2019-09-24 11:10    

thanks :)

4.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2019-09-30 13:03    

that piecut tubing looks dope wonder who made it

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