- Helmet cam without/with "look to apex" function (selectable)
- 1 new centre onboard cam with visible side mirrors (one cam for left-hand drive cars, second for right-hand drive cars)
- 2 new GranTurismo2 style chasing cam (far and close) instead of one crapy default chasecam
- restored default cockpit cam (slightly moved backward)
- no speed/turning blurring
- no speed camera shaking
- no head movement simulation (less inputlag feeling)
- and few less important things


Simply select folder with LookToApex ON or OFF and copy BOOTFLOW.bff and IGPHASEACTIVATE.bff into pakfiles folder (remember to backup)


-In some cars onboard cam doesnt work the way it should because of position of rear mirror


-I named new chasing cam as "GranTurismo2 style" (imo best chasecam ever created in games) cos like in gt2 cam is pointed on front bumper and follows after it. Try it and you will see :)

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