This Mod removes the Dirt and Oil Spots effect on the Windows.
* Description & Edited Files *
* Dirt & Oil Spots effect itself is a good new feature I think.
But it appears then soon disappears, I sometimes feel it's unnatural.
So I decided to try to remove it.

* I edited the following ".dds" files in "IGPHASEFX.bff\effects\battleworn\textures"

I simply changed these ".dds" files into transparent.
(Perhaps there is some file which sets this effect, but this time I edited textures directly.)

* As far as I tested, this Mod seems to work good.
But I couldn't test all cars, all tracks and all situations so far.
So I have to continue to test this file.
If there is any problem, please report to the comments section.

Thanks to japamd for NFS SHIFT BFF Tools.

I hope you like it.
Thank you !

* Installation *
( 1 ) Please do not forget to backup your original "IGPHASEFX.bff".

( 2 ) And extract "Pakfiles" folder into your "SHIFT 2 Unleashed" installation directory.

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\Pakfiles

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