Hey Guys,

this is unfinished BMW M3 E46 Pack.

Why unfinished?

Well the Car Mesh is taken from Juiced2 with FM3 Interior and it was made long time before FM4 was out.

So i let this version like it is and i will start all over again with the Model from FM4.

What you get?

4 real BMW M3 E46 Models like:

M3 Coupe

M3 Cabrio


M3 GTR Street Version

The Car scripts are 100% done to make it an add on. And the Car comes nearly completed Build in the Catalog. (only Engine is missing, because its in WIP and will released with the FM4 one)

The Cars comes with own Rims (Pack included)

This mod is made for SLRR 221 MWM.

Now have fun, Roli

1.   Posted by bent   2011-12-14 22:43    

Car works on 2.2.1 mwm, but there is alot of work to get one these built. Also when there is new ones on the show room floor there is no tires and wheels on them.

2.   Posted by Pro7   2012-05-02 21:47    

Had this one before, but deleted it, now downloading it again, gotta idea.. :troll:

3.   Posted by Unseen.   2012-08-19 07:21    

Why buy cars in the showroom? Just get a frame from category... Built, not Bought.

4.   Posted by Paulwalker09   2012-12-21 15:06    

what a nice car

5.   Posted by luys_racer   2013-04-09 14:31    

Fuck Gamefront !

6.   Posted by sneakereater   2013-07-15 06:32    

Can someone upload it on mediafire please ?

7.   Posted by Silvester   2018-05-21 07:29    

looking for full 3d BMW m3 E46 engine bay with no motor

8.   Posted by Poronggo357   2019-05-21 01:14    

can send me a race car version from the M3 GTR??

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