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Again a couple of releases, but not a final. With my current study and loss of motivation it's time i start releasing a bunch of older stuff.
I'm actually kind of proud to finally release this.

Altho suffering from some minor bugs, the general car is complete.
The cars features all stock parts and some custom stuff.

It's been a while since i've played with it and even longer when i made it.

*NOTE* You don't have to download and play with this mod, if you don't like it then you are free too delete it and never speak about it. Seeing as this is in the Unfinished and WIP section it should suffice
1.   Posted by alejomono   2013-01-17 20:27    

capo esta bueno el auto pero tengo un problema con el juego salgo a la ciudad y se me tilda con cualquier auto

2.   Posted by Skyday_DEATH   2018-04-26 02:51    

Good Mod Friend. :)

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