Just some rims I converted to SLRR from some GTA:SA rim packs. One was made by SPC, the other I don't remember.

This is simple.

Just extract the JAGS_wheels.rpk and JAGS_wheels folder into the
.../Activision Value/Street Legal Racing/parts/ folder, start the
game and look in the street section of rims.

These are all taken from a couple of wheel packs for Grand Theft Auto
San Andreas, so I take no credit for them. I only cut out the centers
and stuck them inside original SLRR 19x11 and 21x11 rims.

The wheel packs these came from are:
"Flying Wheels" by RamireZ, Archer, and DOMEHYC.
"SPC Wheel Pack 1.0" by Spit811, and Baikal

I know, I know, I didn't get permission to convert these, but really theres
no laws against it, since both theirs and my conversion are distributed for
free, and I gave them credit for what I used.

*GASP* I could be labeled a mod thief? OH NO!!

So anyway, enjoy this rim pack. Cuz if you're not paying money for a
conversion of another free mod, it's 100% legal.
1.   Posted by ficho   2013-02-20 10:12    

oh no jeasus is a thief! :awesome:

2.   Posted by JDM1999 (DIRTYTIGER763   2015-10-19 04:38    

Honestly I don't think your a theif its just a mod and if they don't want people to steel it they should not upload it for the people to down load :awesome:

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