Cobra, GT, LX

UPDATED DEC. 8, 2012

Ford Mustang 1993
by RedCarDriver
Forza 3 conversion

This is the first major mod I have done (basically) by myself. Credit goes to Turn 10 for the original model and Robban_9000 for exporting the model to 3DS format. Partial inspiration for this mod was Pops / Rexxenexx's much older Mustang mod.

Screenshots of new parts by Daniel. Click to see them in high-res glory.
V8 supercharger hood

Custom notchback rear spoiler & smoked LX lights

Re-textured interior. You can change interior colors by swapping texture files.

Painted GT tail lights

There are three trim levels available.
Cobra: Front - Rear
GT Hatchback: Front - Rear
LX Coupe ("Notchback"):Front - Back
(Sorry for old LE pics. These pics are from before the update.)

Installation Notes

Installation is by the usual method (move the folders to carsracers). It should not be necessary to start a new career - even if you have the old version of the car installed, because no parts have been removed since the last edtion. However, try starting a new career if your game crashes.

This car should run under LE, LE2MWM, and MWM. Tell me (once, please) if it doesn't.

This car uses the standard MC_Prime_Superduty and Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer engines, plus Diego's D Speed transmission for the latter. Note that the I4 engines are mounted LONGITUDINALLY by default (using custom scripting) and therefore will not show up in SLRR Editor. If you add new engines with SLRR Editor, you will either need to use the adjustable positioning scripts or change the slot IDs of the I4 blocks from "99" to "98" (note that this only works with the Japanese I4s unless you modify the slots).

1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2012-07-08 05:43    

(This will also be released on GOM as soon as the server migration is finished and GOM comes back online.)

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-07-08 15:33    

gratz on your first car :)

3.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2012-07-08 15:57    

Thanks :D

4.   Posted by Tubaman   2012-07-09 22:22    

Finally a replacement for that old as dirt Fox body mod...Looks really nice.

5.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2012-07-10 00:05    

Thanks Tubaman :)

I was considering asking Sage @ NFSCars for a photo of the wing on his '88 GT, but I ended up having enough pictures anyway.

6.   Posted by Tubaman   2012-07-10 19:41    

Ohai fellow nfscarser

7.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2012-07-10 23:44    

Yeah I thought I mentioned this at some point, but I'm RedCarDriver on NFSCars. :)

8.   Posted by Juuz Core   2013-05-29 03:45    


9.   Posted by DFRacing98   2018-06-20 03:52    

I can't be the only one that this happens to
The notchback trunk is messed up, it is higher than the frame, so the trunk is up in the air
I used SLRR editor to fix it, but now the hatchback lid is not in the correct position? Do I just have to edit the trunk position when I use both models? cause in my RP i have a hatch and a notch

10.   Posted by camryn56   2018-06-28 16:05    

can some one make 98 mustang :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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