part 1 of SLR_Forza releases, update by RedCarDriver

the car was made ages ago as some of you know - start of 2011 if im not mistaken. Some tuning was done by diego but it was never finished and he left the team :) car handles fine in my eyes, comes built etc in catalog and has quite a few custom parts - This is thanks to Jaziba for exporting them out of FH and passing them over to me ;)

remember this is lod1 - from forza 3, the never releases will be lod0 from forza 4 - higher quality!

the car should be working fine, it'll come built in catalog! and it has 2 versions stock e92 m3 and a GT.

there are various versions of bodykits available like GTS/Hamman etc.. check it out for your self.

there might be a little update soon with exhaust pipes so you can mix/match them with bodykits :)

anywhore, enjoy and report any bugs and ill try to fix them up! :)

RedCarDriver has made an awesome fix/update to my e92! huge props goes to him for fixing the random crash and adding some awesome bits! here's a list of whats changed!

- Changed name to BMW_E92 from Bimmer288_E92.
- Completely separated the car from standard scripts, i.e. renamed Baiern to BMW_E92.
- Renamed e92m3 (wheels directory) to e92m3_wheels, and gave each of their scripts unique names.
- Added 335i chassis with different fenders and paintable roof.
- Tweaked physics slightly - made car lighter, from 4000lbs to 3400lbs.
- Removed M3 badge from trunks and made it a separate part.
- Added 335i exhaust with different muffler placement.

this should now work for everyone thanks to harrison! :) hope you lot enjoy it! make sure you download it and remove old wheels/cars file for e92 and install this.

original - *LINK*
1.   Posted by Daniel   2013-02-10 22:32    

"anywhore" ? :D

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-10 23:02    

ye.. ;D

3.   Posted by jittwas66666   2013-02-11 07:18    

Le2mwm crashes :( :(

4.   Posted by PLESA   2013-02-11 07:45    

Well i have LE2MWM and SLRRMWM2011(made by Diego) and the car doesn't appear in catalog... :/

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-11 08:10    

what does your error log say jittwas?

6.   Posted by jittwas66666   2013-02-11 08:58    

Sorry,I did not Extract Baiern_E92_scripts le2mwm working /Thank Jesus Christ

7.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-11 09:53    

ah cool :)

8.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-11 09:54    

plesa - im not exactly sure why that is.. are you sure you've installed it properly?

9.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-11 10:19    

jittwas66666 - the scripts in the rar SHOULD actually break the e92, not fix it :) i was meant to remove them.

ill upload a new link without the rars and see if that works for you.

10.   Posted by FJ   2013-02-11 16:05    

thanks JC,thats wat i was expecting for,an azum bimmer with its own rims :3

11.   Posted by KidForDrift   2013-02-11 20:00    

I really love this E92 but can you make the carbon fiber from the roof to get out from there? It will be nice! Thanks JC

12.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-11 21:36    

the roof is like that on stock e92 m3 :) im not sure if im going to work more on this car so this is not a promise :) a MAYBE.

13.   Posted by Mario   2013-02-13 19:33    

Nice, most of the car is lod0 now with the all new parts:)

14.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-14 13:28    

it is but the chassis and many of the parts are still lod1 :D

15.   Posted by tm_kata   2013-02-23 18:52    

the car crashes my game... no error log. i removed all car mods and still crashes.

16.   Posted by anak_copo   2013-02-24 05:28    

try to remove the src file

17.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-26 13:04    

i cant replicate the error in 3 versions of the game.. really unsure what is causing it :/

18.   Posted by Diesel87   2013-02-27 09:25    

I've got the same problem.

My SLRR ver. is LE2MWM and it crashes - no error log. :-/

19.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-03-24 17:08    

great work on the update :awesome:

20.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-03-24 19:06    

Nice Bimmer, thanks for the new update!

21.   Posted by Ponclo   2013-03-25 16:41    

if crash your game you have to download the e28 and it work !! very good goob

22.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-03-25 18:38    

not anymore :) this has been fixed.

23.   Posted by NK748   2013-07-13 14:05    

I'm trying to reduce the prevalence at used dealer but editing the E92_VT doesn't have any effect. The dealer is still full of bimmers no matter what i'm doing

24.   Posted by qwertypro   2013-07-28 00:47    

Thanks :)

25.   Posted by emo331   2014-11-21 20:40    


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