2nd FM3 Release


So here we are, 2nd fm3 mod release :) ek9 civic, this mod like e92 was started quite some time ago and finished long time ago too! but it is being released just now :)

what to expect? well you'll have all fm4 kits in it and some extra bits, mind you this will not have a lot customization options but it has some, i might expand it in the future or if someone wants to adds their own bits to it i don't mind sharing the 3d model with a guy that i can trust.

scale looks alright if a little small(noticed after i have finished it) but its a tiny annoyance, as you can see from the pictures it looks good with 16/15" rims. Glows are done outside and inside, it comes built in catalog and has its own rims as a separate package.

this was never touched by Diego so it uses w/e i based it on as "tuning" Which was duhen. Physics are completely custom and the car should not bounce around the garage.


Enjoy! :)

quick note - it might come without tyres if you don't have francos tyre packs(f_tyres) if im not mistaken.

update from joalex and razine - thanks for the extra parts! :)

download link for the update(includes the whole car and rim - remove the old one)


original *LINK*
1.   Posted by FJ   2013-03-31 19:15    

cool :awesome:

2.   Posted by soren123   2013-03-31 19:17    

how do i download it?

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-03-31 19:21    

by clicking download at the side panel? :)

4.   Posted by Daniel   2013-03-31 20:31    

Any fixes since DS release?

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-03-31 20:49    

engine possition, added 3d vstanced logo, physics changed a little :) thats about it.. it was never broken :D

6.   Posted by IMtheREALionKING   2013-04-01 05:10    


7.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-04-01 16:45    


8.   Posted by Carlou   2013-04-01 18:08    

Love it great work!!! respect

9.   Posted by death88   2013-04-16 17:32    

i would like it

10.   Posted by jounier11   2013-05-05 01:46    

OMG its so sexy gotta make it mine :P

11.   Posted by Rick93   2013-05-07 19:54    

For those who had error while initiating the game, go to Honda_EK9 folder, then Scripts, scr and then open Honda_Civic_EK9 and go to line 17 and put the " " in MODEL_CIVIC_EK9 -> "MODEL_CIVIC_EK9";

The same in Honda_Civic_Spoon file.

12.   Posted by lowmaxx   2013-05-07 21:38    

Great update! but you got some error in VT to!

13.   Posted by tedobg   2013-06-20 12:00    

The car is great,but I can't play with it. I downloaded the updated version,deleted the old one and when I try to run the game,the game crashes.It says SLRR.exe has stopped working. Please guys any ideas?

14.   Posted by Bakchis   2013-08-19 15:27    

check error log for problems

15.   Posted by mau_cr7   2013-10-19 19:22    


16.   Posted by TruRok   2014-02-23 19:58    

Body Parts looks like 'explode-hovered', why after I bought it, it was fine.

17.   Posted by TruRok   2014-02-23 21:02    

Nice ride.
Why'd the Bodyparts give exploded look. Was fine when I got it from Car Exchange, bought parts, edited wheels. Now?

18.   Posted by IcyPeak   2015-06-08 15:33    

I am totally getting that shit,BUT :wtf: sre those rims on the white and green type-r

19.   Posted by e39_525i   2015-11-27 11:48    

Link to Tyre pack please?

I can't find it. Good mod 10/10.

20.   Posted by SzybkiMarek   2016-08-07 09:54    

I am really angry, last version (file name vstancedek9) was better this version with body kits is fucked up! X-(

21.   Posted by bitelaserkhalif   2017-07-21 01:33    

turns out this mod had a badly scripted vt (crashes dealer). Replace all Duhen stuff with Honda_EK9, (Like this one)
Other than that... it's okay.

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