so yeah im bored today again.. did a wally tho ;D in 5 sizes :) check it out! Featuring the EPIC BBS RS RIMS! :O
1.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-05-08 20:31    

nice but on the first look that "smoke" made it look like the wheel was bend.

once seen, cannot be unseen. :D

2.   Posted by Hudas   2010-05-09 13:09    

smoke makes wheel look bend but other than that its pretty epoox :awesome:

3.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-05-10 15:07    

Hmm how do i put this rims in game? :(
Tried everything, bu't they dont appear in my game ... :(

Muhahahahahahaaaaaa :P Looks nice J'sus

4.   Posted by k0k14a   2010-05-11 14:55    

Nice work Jesus

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