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2016-02-27 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (0)

So you've probably seen the poll at the bottom of the site and a few have voted! sadly I believe the poll was a bit too vague as to what I mean by saying "turn VStanced into a forum"

A "no" means, stay as portal, with homepage, news posts and everything on the front page with articles, downloads, news etc in their own sections somewhere behind.

A "YES" stands for us turning into a forum like site, where our main focus is on the forums, where most of the community activity is and where people generally stay/participate etc. The news in this case are great and all but we've got months where one news posts stays at the top for weeks, then gets replaced by something else etc etc this is sadly very unproductive from my POV and kinda hides away all the "activity" that is here at VStanced, having it in a forum would be much easier for everyone now that RolePlay is very active, the site is growing etc. We would be able to seperate things better, keep things tidier and expand more.

Now this is one reason and sadly the bigger reason is behind the scenes, the behind the scenes is an interesting one and probably irrelevant to many of you. I'll explain, currently VStanced is running on a DEAD CMS(content management system) the system while great in 2010(when we started) now is very much behind the scenes with no MOBILE support, no new plugins etc and implementing things like separate RP section is proving a pain. Which is why we need to sooner rather than later leave what we have and start fresh on a new, solid code base!

the migration/project of "fresh VStanced" is a big one, and it'll have to be done by me! but before I start, I want to know what you guys think of going forum only and working with that. EVERYTHING content wise will be kept, nothing will be lost, all tutorials, downloads, articles etc will stay!

post counts, forum threads etc this is a question mark due to complexity of migrating everything, it might be possible but it's 50/50 and it's a very sad bit but we gotta do what we gotta do eh!

So I'll reset the poll, and allow you to now express your opinion better, now that you know ins and outs of what I'm trying to achieve! this is very short, the reality is much more complex but we gotta move forward! it'll be a big change, a scary one and it'll take time to get used to but community that we've got here will still be around!

Now let's run to the poll and vote! :) POLL HERE -; BAM




BMW How to

2016-01-27 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (1)

Get the joke? ;) check out our channel and drop a sub if you like it!