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VStanced Sticker competition winner!

2018-08-20 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (2)

some of you may have seen this on facebook already but if not! above is the winner! :) Gratz! and thanks for all the entries guys, some epic work from our members! The winning sticker will soon be made up and limited amount will be for sale at material + postage cost! if you ever want to rep VStanced keep your eye out! they'll be SICK.


VStanced needs your help!

2018-07-20 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (0)

Boys and girls! Something I've noticed, VStanced is yet again lacking behind Russian "zona" websites when it comes to mods. Please do share every new SLR mod you find online, be it from Russian modders or not on VStanced. Submit it, include the author, some pictures etc and we'll happily validate it.

Modders - Please stop distributing mods on single sites, this does not help keeping the game alive, the game that everyone comes in for! VStanced being one of the last English sites left, do upload your mods and do share them, feel free to link to your blogs, paypals for donations from members etc but please - KEEP SHARING!

Only way we can keep this game alive, separation of people will not help, it's a TINY community as is.

So we ask you to -;

    Mods - If you find a missing mod, car, rim pack etc submit it to VStanced download section
    Tutorials - If you have a tutorial, want to share something, learned something new about SLRR please share it in our articles section, this will help people in the future!
    Forums - Any help you need, ask in forums! do not keep it in PM's, others will find you threads and will get answers. That's how we get new modders and are able to share the knowledge.

For latest updates you can also follow our Facebook group - VStanced FB Group