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It's Ferrari Time!

2014-07-02 - Poster: Jaziba - Category: News    (6)

Click one of the pics to visit their download page!

Ferrari F12

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale


Assetto Corsa

2014-06-03 - Poster: Jesus Christ - Category: News    (5)

I'm sure quite a few of you are well aware of this game! :) well.. the modding tools are coming along nicely and soon we'll have access to everything. Of course the game is PAID and we will not be sharing pirated versions here.
Personally I'm balls deep in it when it comes to modding and these editors look well thought out and might be easy to pick for a lot of us! :) hopefully I'm not the only one who's interested in this and we'll be able to fully support the game here at VStanced and allow you guys to share mods, discuss everything relating to Assetto Corsa! it is a PROPER racing simulator too!